"Tools for getting the job done."
Utilities are a class of Slime Science gadgets that provide useful features to aid you in managing your ranch, as well as exploring the range.

Craft utilities in order to make your slime ranching a little easier.



Utilities can help you with some problems, such as the Tarr and Feral Slimes. They are useful, but they can't be instantly used since they need to install themselves for two minutes after you place them. You can move them around.



Name: Med Station
How to obtain: Buying it in the Builder's Shop.
Price: 650Newbucks
Description: Rapidly drains your energy to restore health. Fixes you up fast!


  • PlortPINK x25
  • PlortRAD x25
  • Jellystone SP x6
  • WildHoney SP x4

Name: Hydro Turret
How to obtain: Buying it in the Builder's Shop.
Price: 650Newbucks
Description: A defensive cannon that will automatically target Tarr and blast them with water.


  • PlortBOOM x12
  • PlortPUDDLE x6
  • DeepBrine SP x8
  • SpiralSteam SP x3

Name: Super Hydro Turret
How to obtain: Obtained from a Treasure Pod.
Pod Location: The Glass Desert.
Description: An advanced defensive cannon that doubles the firepower against tarr.


  • PlortBOOM x20
  • PlortPUDDLE x12
  • Silky Sand x12
  • SpiralSteam SP x5

Name: Taming Bell
How to obtain: Buying it in the Builder's Shop.
Price: 650Newbucks
Description: The dulcet tone of this curious bell will calm the anger of any feral slime that hears it.


  • PlortPINK x20
  • PlortHUNTER x12
  • WildHoney SP x8
  • SlimeFossil SP x4

Name: Spring Pad
How to obtain: Obtained from a Treasure Pod.
Pod Location: Dry Reef
Description: Launches anything that touches it straight into the air!


  • PlortTABBY x12
  • PlortHUNTER x6
  • PrimordyOil SP x8
  • WildHoney SP x8

Name: Potted Tactus
How to obtain: Obtained from a Treasure Pod.
Pod Location The Glass Desert.
Description: A cactus found in the Glass Desert that slimes and other items can stick to for a while.


  • Tangle Plort x10
  • WildHoney SP x8
  • Pepper Jam x8
  • Hexacomb SP x4

Name: Novice Gordo Snare
How to obtain: Buying it in the Builder's Shop.
Price: 1500Newbucks
Description: A special snare that captures a gordo slime. Bait it with food and wait...


  • PlortHUNTER x5
  • PrimordyOil SP x10
  • BuzzWax SP x10
  • Jellystone SP x10

Name: Advanced Gordo Snare
How to obtain: Obtained from a Treasure Pod.
Pod Location The Ancient Ruins.
Description: A more advanced gordo snare that with less random results. Bait it with food and wait...


  • PlortHUNTER x10
  • Silky Sand x10
  • Pepper Jam x10
  • Glass Shard x10

Name: Master Gordo Snare
How to obtain: Obtained from the 7Zee Rewards Club (20 rank).
Description: A master-classed gordo snare that guarantees a gordo who favors the food used.


  • PlortHUNTER x20
  • SpiralSteam SP x10
  • Hexacomb SP x10
  • SlimeFossil SP x10


  • As said before, it's useful to put Hydro Turrets in many places around the Far, Far Range, especially in areas prone to Tarr infestations, as they can help you with fending them off.
  • It is completely possible to get the master gordo snare before the advanced one.
  • You can lure feral slimes to a Taming Bell, which will calm them down.
    • That also counts for hunter ferals that you can make, so get a Taming Bell!
  • When using a Gordo Snare; it's important to note that for non-master snares, using the favorite food does not guarantee the equivalent slime, though using meat, for example, always attracts meat-eating slimes, or using veggies, guarantees veggie-eating slimes. The only exception to this is Gold Gordos, which can only be baited when using a Gilded Ginger; however, if a non-master snare is used, other veggie-eating gordos can appear.


  • 0.6.0: Added Super Hydro Turret, Potted Tactus, Advanced Gordo Snare and Master Gordo Snare.
  • 0.5.1: Added Novice Gordo Snare.
  • 0.4.1: Taming Bell is now obtained by waiting until it becomes available in the Builder's Shop and buying it.
  • 0.4.0: Addition of them and Slime Science into the game. Also, due to some glitches, the Taming Bell is unavailable.


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