Vacpack Upgrade

The Vacpack is the tool that Beatrix LeBeau utilises throughout the course of the game, and is the main method of interaction with the world. It is used to suck up and shoot out items, which consist of Food, Slimes, Plorts or Slime Science Resources. However the vacpack can't store certain items.

Initially, it provides 100 Health, 100 Energy, has a flashlight (default button M on PC), a radar (default button R on PC) and can hold up to four types of items that stack up to 20 units each. As the player progresses through the game, upgrades for it can be unlocked and purchased at the Vacpack Upgrade Terminal near the Ranch House; such as the Jetpack or Tank Boosters. However certain top-tier upgrades (like Tank Booster Ultra for 100 storage units) are only available through the 7Zee Rewards Club.


WaterTankWater Tank Water Tank
Adds a specialized vac tank that allows you to store fresh water.

Price: 350Newbucks

Unlocked: Standard

JetpackJetpack Jetpack
Keep your head in the clouds with this amazing, personal jetpack!

Price: 350Newbucks

Unlocked: Standard

AirDrive Air Drive Air Drive
Enhanced jetpack thrusters that consume 20% less energy but produce double the fun.

Price: 500Newbucks

DashBootsDash Boots Dash Boots
These highly advanced and, frankly, fashion-forward boots halve the energy consumption of sprinting.

Price: 350Newbucks

Unlocked: Day 3

UltraDashBootsUltra Dash Boots Ultra Dash Boots
Experimental footwear capable of reducing the cost of sprinting even further. It makes you think walking is for suckers.

Criterion: 7Zee rank 19, Dancing Mongoose III

PulseWavePulse Wave Pulse Wave
Adds a pulse wave emitter feature to your vacpack that pushes away slimes whenever you need some personal space.

Price: 350Newbucks

Unlocked: Day 4

HeartModuleHeart Module Heart Module
Syncs with your body's own vital processes to enhance life systems, boosting health to 150. Plus, it's sparkly.

Price: 350Newbucks

Unlocked: Standard

HeartModuleMkIIHeart Module Mk II Heart Module Mk II
A more advanced and even sparklier heart module that boosts health to 200.

Price: 500Newbucks

HeartModuleMkIIIHeart Module Mk III Heart Module Mk III
The latest in life system amplification and sparkliness technology boosts health to 250.

Price: 750Newbucks

HeartModuleUltraHeart Module Ultra Heart Module Ultra
An experimental life system amplification device that pushes the technology to the limit... of healthiness.

Criterion: 7Zee rank 21, Endless Mountain II

PowerCorePower Core Power Core
Augments your vacpack with an almost-certainly-safe micro fusion generator that boosts energy to 150.

Price: 350Newbucks

Unlocked: Standard

PowerCoreMkIIPower Core Mk II Power Core Mk II
This enhanced micro generator boosts energy to 200; but more importantly, is even smaller.

Price: 650Newbucks

PowerCoreMkIIIPower Core Mk III Power Core Mk III
The latest micro generator boosts personal energy to 250, but not high enough to give up coffee entirely.

Price: 950Newbucks

TankBoosterTank Booster Tank Booster
Improved nano-storage cell technology allows your vac tanks to hold 30 units of whatever you can vac up.

Price: 350Newbucks

Unlocked: Standard

TankBoosterMkIITank Booster Mk II Tank Booster Mk II
These enhanced nano-storage cells throw caution to the wind and allow you to cram 40 units into each vac tank.

Price: 500Newbucks

TankBoosterMkIIITank Booster Mk III Tank Booster Mk III
More is better, but in this case, it's best. These premium nano-storage cells can hold 50 units in each vac tank.

Price: 750Newbucks

TankBoosterUltraTank Booster Ultra Tank Booster Ultra
The secret best vac tank available using experimental nano-storage technology that's absolutely probably maybe legal.

Criterion: 7Zee rank 20, Endless Mountain I

TreasureCrackerTreasure Cracker Treasure Cracker
Allows you to bypass the locks on basic treasure pods.

Price: 4500Newbucks

To unlock this upgrade, you'll need to unlock The Lab, complete the 'Science Tutorial,' and wait about 12 in game hours. You'll also need to place down at least one extractor.

TreasureCrackerMkIITreasure Cracker Mk II Treasure Cracker Mk II
Allows you to bypass the locks on more advanced treasure pods.

Price: 9000Newbucks

To unlock this upgrade, you'll need to build at least 35 gadgets.

TreasureCrackerMkIIITreasure Cracker Mk III Treasure Cracker Mk III
Allows you to bypass the locks on the most advanced treasure pods.

Price: 25000Newbucks

To unlock this upgrade, you'll need to build about 100 gadgets.

GoldenSureshotGolden Sureshot Golden Sureshot
A special vacpack upgrade that hones in on gold slime weakpoints (their secret bellybutton?) and triples the amount of gold plorts they produce when hit.

Criterion: 7Zee rank 22, Endless Mountain III

Slime Key TPExtra Slime Key Extra Slime Key
A single spare slime key just in case you can't seem to find the last one!

Price: 25000Newbucks

It becomes available after a few in-game days.

Notes and Tips

  • The vacpack will shoot faster over time into receptacles that accept items (Refinery, Range Exchange, Auto-feeder etc.)
  • The Tank Booster Ultra, Heart Module Ultra, Ultra Dash Boots, and Golden Sureshot upgrades are currently the only upgrades not obtained from the Vackpack Upgrades terminal; they are instead obtained through the 7Zee Rewards Club.
  • The Pulse Wave can be used to push slimes away from food you want to grab, so they don't eat it.


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