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Viktor Humphries is an NPC found on the Range Exchange.

Viktor considers himself as a professional slime rancher, slime scientist, and an amateur musician. He is extremely interested in Slimes, but due to his studies, he requests others to collect the slimes for him using the Range Exchange.


Not much is known about Viktor's life and when did he become a slime scientist.

Viktor has been since an unknown amount of time ranching and studying slimes, and also trying to become a professional musician. Since Beatrix arrived on her ranch, he's requesting slimes from her to then study on. It's rumored (as said in the loading screen tips) that once he invented plort-cloning technology, and then destroyed it. He might have done that because of ethics. He also lost his fiddle sometime ago when fleeing a feral boom slime.


Introductory Mail

Salutations, Ms. LeBeau
Viktor Humphries

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Viktor Humphries; professional slime rancher, slime scientist, and amateur musician. My understanding is that Ms West has already informed you of how the Range Exchange works so I will spare you any further education.

Instead, I’ll illuminate you on what you can expect from my own requests. As a slime scientist/rancher I have a tremendous interest in the liquiform legion that we share this vast range with, the slimes. My studies often keep me from venturing out on the range daily and when I find myself short a particular species, I use the Range Exchange to fill that gap. Don’t worry though, I will reimburse you handsomely for your efforts.

Good luck in your new venture, Ms LeBeau. I look forward to seeing life breathed once again into the former Twillgers ranch.

Sincerely, Viktor Humphries

P.S. – I once lost my most favorite fiddle while fleeing a feral boom slime. Its value is only sentimental but should you find it, I’d very much love to be able to play it again.

Range Exchange

  • Are rad slimes a natural evolution or result of exposure to foreign matter?
  • Have you ever seen a Django's Tiger? Of course not, you can only hear it. Pardon me, that was a joke.
  • If possible, please acquire the following for a future study. My thanks.
  • If you listen very closely, you can hear a boom slime's cells vibrate. But don't listen for long.
  • I'm afraid that one of my studies has gone a bit, well, please just get me these things at once!


  • Django's Tiger in the range exchange dialogue refers to Django Reinhardt's song of the same name.
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