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Water (also referred to as fresh water) can be found in ponds, in small lakes and at water spouts. It is an invaluable resource when traversing the Far, Far Range; however you need the Water Tank upgrade to be able to hold it in your vacpack.

Its primary use is to fight back against The Tarr when they appear. During the night, splashing it once will stop them from being able to reproduce when eating a Slime, and splashing it twice will kill it. However, it destroys tarr instantly during the day, while also having a plethora of alternate uses:

  • Puddle Slimes consume water in Ponds to produce Puddle Plorts.
  • Immediately destroys Fire Plorts and crystal spikes produced by Crystal Slimes.
  • Splashing a Rad Slime will nullify its radiation aura for 20 seconds.
  • Splashing a Boom Slime will prevent it from exploding for 15 seconds.
  • Splashing a Quantum Slime will nullify their ghost copies and make them unable to teleport for a short time.
  • Splashing a Fire Slime will temporarily extinguish its fire.
  • Can extinguish glints produced by the Mosaic Slime. It also emits some smoke.
  • Will make slimes less agitated when splashed.

Ancient Water

Ancient Water is an effect obtainable from fountains by vaccing up their water in The Glass Desert once they've been unlocked by placing Plorts into 3 nearby Slime Statues. Functionally identical to normal water, it has unlimited ammo for 30 seconds and is capable of revitalising Oasis buds. When the time runs out your water tank will be automatically filled up with normal water and you will once again be unable to revitalise Oases until the effect is obtained once again.


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