The Wiggly Wonderland is only available during time-limited events so may or may not currently be available in Slime Rancher.
Please read this article for full details.
The Wiggly Wonderland event was a date-specific event that ran from December 20th 2017 to January 1st 2018.

Over the course of twelve days, all crates were able to drop Ornaments alongside their standard drops. Which ornament dropped was based on the computer's local date.


On January 1st, all ornaments had an equal chance of dropping from crates.
Ornament In-game model Wiggly Wonderland
Pink Ornament
IconOrnamentPinkRender December 20th
Phosphor Ornament
IconOrnamentPhosRender December 21st
Tabby Ornament
IconOrnamentTabbyRender December 22nd
Boom Ornament
IconOrnamentBoomRender December 23rd
Rad Ornament
IconOrnamentRadRender December 24th
Honey Ornament
IconOrnamentHoneyRender December 25th
Quantum Ornament
IconOrnamentQuantumRender December 26th
Hunter Ornament
IconOrnamentHunterRender December 27th
Puddle Ornament
IconOrnamentPuddleRender December 28th
Dervish Ornament
IconOrnamentDervishRender December 29th
Tangle Ornament
IconOrnamentTangleRender December 30th
Mosaic Ornament
IconOrnamentMosaicRender December 31st
Tarr Ornament
IconOrnamentTarrRender Rarely found in place of a common ornament between December 20th to January 1st
Lucky Ornament
IconOrnamentLuckyRender Rarely found in place of a common ornament between December 20th to January 1st
Gold Ornament
IconOrnamentGoldRender Rarely found in place of a common ornament between December 20th to January 1st


  • The event's theme being based around 12 days is based on the Twelve Days of Christmas, also known as Twelvetide.
  • This was the first event introduced in the game. It also marked the first time that real-world time specific events were also introduced.
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